CBN (Cannabinol), like CBG, is the subject of increased commercial interest alongside CBD in hemp’s cannabinoid lineup.

Unlike CBD and CBG, CBN is produced when the CBDA-adjacent THCA molecule has decarboxylated into THC, then oxidizes into CBN.

Most naturally-occuring CBN is produced when cured flower is left in the open air. CBN’s induced drowsiness helps fuel the common idea that old cannabis leaves its users more drowsy.

Potential Uses & Benefits

Interest has peaked in using CBN with its observed induced drowsiness as a powerful natural sleep aide. In addition to this novel effect, it seems to have similar effect to CBD combatting pain, anxiety, and depression.

Unlike CBD which is reported to mitigate THC‘s intoxicating effect, CBN has been reported to amplify aspects of THC‘s high.

Lifter in field

CBN is a product of THC’s oxiditation, and found most prominently in older harvested cannabis flower and biomass.

Cannabinoid Pre-Cursors

Synthesized Cannabinoids

Oxidized Cannabinoids

Bulk CBN

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