CBD-Rich Products Curb Severe Pain, Anxiety and Depression Symptoms

by Aug 4, 2021Hemp & CBD Use

A Canadian study recently published in the Journal of Cannabis Research found that subjects experiencing moderate to severe feelings of pain, anxiety, or depression saw improvements in their symptoms at three and six month follow-up intervals while supplementing with CBD products.

The study tracked 279 adults, classifying their pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms as mild, moderate, or severe at a baseline assessment, then assessed them again two more times, after three and six months of steady CBD supplement use.

While the study found people with mild symptoms showed insignificant worsening (further study is needed) over time, it showed clear improvements for people with symptoms that had been dubbed “moderate” or “severe”, stating in conclusion:

This retrospective observational study suggests CBD-rich treatment has a beneficial impact on pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms as well as overall wellbeing only for patients with moderate to severe symptoms; however, no observed effect on mild symptoms. The results of this study contribute to address the myths and misinformation about CBD treatment and demand further investigation.

Cannabidiol use and effectiveness: real-world evidence from a Canadian medical cannabis clinic“, CONCLUSION

Like with many investigations into hemp’s therapeutic effects, the strongest conclusion we’ve come to is that there is still too much we don’t know about this amazing and benign plant.


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