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Made by a Farmer

Harvesting Wellness in Ann Arbor, MI


Choose from 20+ Organic Flower and Hemp Products Grown and Extracted in Ann Arbor, MI.

Harvesting Wellness

Shop dozens of top quality hemp-derived CBD products, including nano gummies, organic flower, topicals and more!

Fast Acting Hemp Gummies

Our five gummy lines incorporate nanoemulsified cbd and other cannabinoids for a variety of fast acting affects, depending on the user and occasion..

Learn More about Hemp & CBD

Many people interested in hemp and CBD don’t have experience with cannabis use. Learn more about products, CBD, and the incredible hemp plant here.

What We Do

CBG distillate in mason jar

Organic Hemp Farming

All MBAF flower is grown right here on our 200-acre farm just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan without harsh fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides. Made by a Farmer has been employing organic farming methods since 2022.

CBG distillate in mason jar

Cannabinoid Extraction

After reserving the best 1-10% of harvest for our premium packaged flower, we use cutting edge methods for extraction to create crude oil and distillate from the remaining hemp. We also nanoemulsify oils to mix easily and act quickly in water-based products.

CBG distillate in mason jar

Hemp Flower & CBD Products

We pack up and label a portion of our harvest for distribution, available as premium flower or in our gummy, roll-on, or tincture products. All items are for sale direct online, or through retailers. To become a retailer, connect with our sales staff.

Harvesting Wellness

When the 2018 Farm Bill passed and legalized non-psychoactive cannabis hemp cultivation, we decided to start taking steps toward being leaders in the hemp-cannabinoid industry:

We planted our first hemp crop on our 200 acre plot near Ann Arbor, MI in the Spring of 2019 and have been working to bring you premium-quality hemp products ever since.

Our Process

Expertly Grown

Our lead growers include a third-generation family farmer, a professional agronomist, and a team of experienced farmers and cannabis cultivators.  

With Seed-to-Sale Quality Assurance

All commercial product passes through 15 distinct quality checkpoints by the time it becomes packaged for sale.

By Dedicated Professionals

We’re a team of true believers in hemp’s long-term commercial and medicinal viability, committed to achieving your desired satisfaction with our family of farmers and products.

Where to Find Us

Find all of your favorite Made by a Farmer products at these retail locations. We recommend contacting your retailer to confirm availability before making any special trips!

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News & Updates

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2021 – Going Solventless

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