Made by a Farmer

Grown & Produced in Ann Arbor, MI

Premium Hemp Products

After being grown free of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and passing 15 points of flower inspection, all of our consumable and topical hemp concentrate products are made in our Ann Arbor, MI facility.

CBDV Hemp is in the House

We’re leading producers in Forbidden V! Known for its sweet tropical flavor, exemplary relaxtion properties, and insane CBDV content, this one is fighting hard to be our next favorite strain!

Solventless in 2022

We’re exciting to announce that since 2021 we’ve been testing the use of ice-water extraction at commercial scale.

The Future Looks Hempy

Growing, consuming, ecology, and economics. What about hemp would you like to know?

MBAF Flower

Bulk Hemp Flower, Biomass, and Extracts

All MBAF flower is grown right here on our 200-acre farm just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and extracted here or at our downtown facility. Hemp’s natural resiliency coupled with our commitment to quality allows us to grow our product without harsh fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides.

MBAF Pre-Roll Photos

Michigan-Grown Cured Hemp Flower

The best 5% of of our flower in each harvest is further trimmed, cured, and packaged to be sold as retail-ready pre-rolls and hand-trimmed flower. We harvested four marketable strains in 2020 and look forward to expanding our offerings in 2021.

Nano Gummies Collection

Farm-Made Hemp Products

We have premium lines of tinctures (coming soon), capsules (coming soon), gummies, roll-ons, and other products that can be consumed combustion-free. All are processed from hemp grown here on our Ann Arbor, MI farm.

made Strong, Farm stroNG

When the 2018 Farm Bill passed and legalized non-psychoactive cannabis hemp cultivation, we decided to become leaders in this budding industry.

We planted our first hemp crop on our 200 acre plot near Ann Arbor, MI in the Spring of 2019 and have been working to bring you premium-quality hemp products ever since.

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Our Process

Expertly Grown

Our lead growers include a third-generation family farmer, a professional agronomist, and a team of experienced farmers and cannabis cultivators.  

With Seed-to-Sale Quality Assurance

All commercial product passes through 15 distinct quality checkpoints by the time it becomes packaged for sale.

By Dedicated Professionals

We're a team of true believers in hemp's long-term commercial and medicinal viability, committed to achieving your desired satisfaction with our family of farmers and products.

Latest Updates

Nutrition and Hemp

Nutrition and Hemp

Aside from a plethora of therapeutic cannabinoids, consuming hemp product can have various nutritional benefits. The main plant component(s) used for food products is the hemp seed. Both the seed husk and oil are beneficial for differing reasons: Hemp seed husk is...

How Big is the Hemp Industry?

How Big is the Hemp Industry?

According to to an in-depth industry research report, the global hemp market-size was about $5 Billion US in 2019, projected to grow annually at 34% to over $35 Billion US in 2026. Outside just medicinal CBD and other cannabinoid products, the industry has great...

Hemp Farming in Michigan

Hemp Farming in Michigan

With our days simultaneously becoming stickier and shorter, here in the deep throws of Summer 2021, we're soon to reap our third full hemp harvest. As we learn and (literally) grow, we want to share basic growth techniques, the best new ideas we come across, and fun...

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