CBV (Cannabivarin), is the short-chain homolog of the increasingly popular sleep aide cannabinoid star, CBN.

Similar to how CBN is produced as THC oxidizes, CBV is a product of THCV‘s oxidation.

As the lesser-occuring homolog of the already-rare CBN molecule, CBV only exists in trace amount in most hemp strains.

Potential Uses & Benefits

Little is known of CBV‘s direct effects due to limited supply from the ongoing (2021) federal prohibition of marijuana.

Marijuana’s characteristically-high THC and THCV levels make it superior to hemp for producing CBN and CBV, but the limited market that does exist still mostly demands THC-heavy product, so CBN and CBV‘s market prospects remain dampened by that factor.

It can be inferred that CBV possess similar sleep aide properties to its more common homolog CBN, but much remains yet to be learned about this rare and exciting member of hemp’s cannabinoid lineup.

Lifter in field

CBV is a product of THCV’s oxiditation, and found most prominently in older harvested cannabis flower and biomass.

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