CBGV (Cannabigerovarin) is the lesser-occuring homolog of the carboxylated originator cannabinoid, CBG. Its decarboxylated parent CBGVA also synthesizes into CBDVA, THCVA, CBCVA, and homologs of lesser cannabinoids as its plant matures. This transition means that higher CBGV concentrations can be procured from youger plants.

Potential Uses & Benefits

Due to prohibition and CBGV’s limited presence as a CBG homolog, not much is known about it specifically. It can be inferred that it has similar properties to its popular counterpart, but ultimately more research is needed.

White CBG in field

White CBG strain. Specifically high in CBGA, with CBGVA substantially-present.


Cannabinoid Pre-Cursors

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Oxidized Cannabinoids

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