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CBG (Cannabigerol) is the decarboxylated form of hemp’s originator cannabinoid acid, CBGA.

Most CBGA is converted to CBDA or THCA (whether a hemp or marijuana strain) throughout the plant’s lifetime, leaving a small concentration (<1%) in most mature plants and making the substance generally-scarce on the market, especially compared to CBD.

At MBAF, we have two currently have two high-CBG flower options and one high-CBG concentrate product available.

Potential Uses & Benefits

While CBG’s rarity and mother-status over the other major cannabinoids¬†increases its interest among researchers, the compound seems to have its own direct therapeutic merits also for combatting pain and IBS, anti-bacterially, and potentially against degenerative diseases like Huntington’s or cancer.

White CBG in field

White CBG strain. Specifically high in CBGA and great source of CBG.


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