(Cannabidivarinic acid)


CBDVA (Cannabidiolic acid) is a lesser-occuring hemp enzyme and homolog of CBDA that decarboxylates into the most usable form of the rising-star cannabinoid, CBDV.

CBDVA is synthesized from stores of its monther cannabinoid, the CBGA homolog CBGVA, over the course of a plant’s lifetime. Due to this process, mature plants have higher proportions of CBDVA than their younger counterparts.

Potential Uses & Benefits

CBDVA is the acid precursor for highly-sought-after CBDV, existing in an upstream form that may be more conducive to research and various production techniques.

Forbidden V - high CBDV strain

Forbidden V strain. Specifically high in CBDVA and a great source of CBDV.

Cannabinoid Pre-Cursors

Synthesized Cannabinoids

Oxidized Cannabinoids

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