CBD (Cannabidiol) is the commercial superstar among hemp’s cannabinoid lineup.

CBD originates from the hemp plant’s mother compound CBGA, which is converted to CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid) and other minor cannabinoid acids over the course of the plant’s lifetime. CBDA decarboxylates into its most usable form, CBD, using heat or light.

At MBAF, we currently have three high-CBD flower options and one high-CBD concentrate product available.

Potential Uses & Benefits

CBD is sought after largely for its effects counteracting pain, anxiety, or depression in many users.

Also, unlike THC which has similar effects, CBD does not cause any intoxicating high for its user.

Lifter in field

Lifter strain. High in CBDA and great source of CBD.

Cannabinoid Pre-Cursors

Synthesized Cannabinoids

Oxidized Cannabinoids

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