About Our Product

Our Process

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Doing the important things right every single time is key to maintaining a premier-quality product.

15 Stages of Top-Quality Assurance

From seed genetics to point-of-sale, we’ve defined 15 steps to ensure that you get the best product, every time.

All product is grown on our Ann Arbor, MI farm and processed in our separate downtown Ann Arbor facility.

Product Components

Process | Components | Specialties | Strains | Lineup

The star components: terpenes provide natural flavoring and affect user experience while cannabinoids provide the primary desired effect.

Cannabinoid Pre-Cursors

Synthesized Cannabinoids

Oxidized Cannabinoids

Our Specialties

Process | Components | Specialties | Strains | Lineup

Setting ourselves apart from the competition in these key ways.

Organic Farming Methods

 We are working toward our USDA organic certification for our 2021 harvest. Our 2019-20 harvests were free of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides.

Solventless Extraction

In 2021 we started extracting using ice water agitation, free of solvents, to make bubble hash. We can’t wait to bring this exciting innovation to market!

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Our Strain Lineup

Process | Components | Specialties | Strains | Lineup

Yielding one of the nation’s largest CBDV strain harvests in Fall 2021, we can’t wait to share our Pinewalker and Forbidden V varieties!

Commercially Available

Each of these are available for purchase in our store, or in bulk.

Diploid Varieties

The most common genetic varieties of plants.

Triploid Varieties

Sexually-inert varieties that produce in especially high amounts.

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