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Harvesting Wellness

Farming and producing top-quality hemp products in Ann Arbor, MI since 2019.

When the 2018 Farm Bill legalized non-psychoactive cannabis hemp cultivation, we quickly decided to become leaders in this budding industry.

Between longtime joy in consuming hemp, and our access to good land and the right equipment to grow it, the decision was a no-brainer.

We planted our first hemp crop on our 200 acre farm near Ann Arbor, MI in the Spring of 2019 and have been working to bring you premium-quality hemp products ever since.

Premier-Quality Hemp Products

All Made by a Farmer hemp flower and concentrated cannabinoids meet these quality standards.


Formulated with Purpose

All Made by a Farmer products are formulated using full spectrum hemp oil or isolated cannabinoids intended to affect specific wellness targets.

Vertically Integrated

With maximum control over our growing, extraction, recipes, packaging, and distribution processes – we can ensure maximum consistency, quality, and value in every package.

Committed to Excellence

Going above and beyond all federal and state compliance standards, we’re committed to only providing top-quality product, worthy of the Made by a Farmer brand name.

Fully Tested

All Made by a Farmer products undergo lab testing to produce full certificates of analysis (COAs) for each.

Organically Sourced

With active ingredients extracted from organic hemp grown on our Ann Arbor, MI farm.

Made in the U.S.A.

Grown and extracted in Ann Arbor, MI by a team of dedicated industry professionals.

The Best Hemp Strain Genetics

Made by a Farmer’s team of hemp enthusiasts and professional agronomists only select the best tasting, affecting, and consistently-producing strains.


Hemp’s primary active ingredients.


The primary agents of hemp’s flavor and scent.

Frequently Asked Questions

About hemp and hemp use.


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