Who is Made By A Farmer?

Made By A Farmer is a 200-acre, fully-integrated, seed-to-sale Industrial Hemp farm located in southeast Michigan. We have over 30 years of combined experience farming local land, and elsewhere about the Mitten. In late spring of 2019, we planted approximately 250,000 Cherry Blossom hemp seeds and reaped a successful harvest the following fall. It is our mission to provide sustainable hemp products from seed-to-sale to our local Ann Arbor community, and to the greater Metro Detroit area. In hopes of further elevating the hemp farming industry through our experience and consultation, we plan to nearly double production in 2020, and expand our product line quite significantly.

With full farming-integration already in place for corn, soybean, and fiber, among others, MBAF quickly jumped on board after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, and applied for our license to add industrial hemp to our list of cultivars. One of 550 licensees to be granted in the state of Michigan, we have proudly positioned ourselves as one of the largest and most prominent industrial hemp farms in the state of Michigan. We understand the worth of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), and its highly regarded medicinal benefits, however the sustainability of this crop is what truly drives our operation. Its utilization across multiple industries around the world is not a replacement; it’s simply a better alternative. So here’s our long-term, macroscopic point-of-view at Made By A Farmer: WE NEED MORE HEMP PRODUCTION! We need more grown right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan; more in North America; more in China and Europe. To learn more about who we are, how we aim to help, and to stay up to date with our 2020 season, please subscribe to our email directory, and get all the latest news and updates. Come join us in our global support!

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